Kitchen-trawl, food-haul: Rescuing food (cultures)

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Should children be kept out of the kitchen?
When did you first learn to cook?
How does the time and space we live in shape our care for food?

We draw from memory to market to kitchen & sink. To trawl your memory, draw your kitchen, find some space for a life-style.

#foodeducation #design #space #lifestyle

*Vegetarian brunch/lunch at the Pop-up cafe by Nithiya is available from 10am-2pm

How to attend

Get a free ticket via Peatix. You can contribute on the day with what you think the event is worth and what you can afford.
We recommend $5 - we welcome more or less, and it comes with a drink.

100% of the costs go towards the use of the space at Nong, who’ve been kindly supporting us in Thinking Edibly so far.

Objective: We look at the traditions and relationships with food and food-associated activities, particular to Singapore and the region.

Speakers: Guest home chefs: Nithiya of #brunchbandits and Alvin Lee of CULTlinary

From what we eat to how we learn to cook, we take you on a mapping journey of the role of food in our lives--of childhood and daily experiences, of where you pick your groceries, to the way your food spaces at home and in public are designed. We want you to stop. Think. Draw. With each other’s senses and eyes, we set out to understand what our food culture in Singapore is. We might have an easy abundance of food, but is there a missing pleasure in food that we can't quite find today? Join us to figure out how we can create a better space in this home, this island, for yourself and the people you care and love. Time to rescue some food (cultures)!

This is part 1 of a series of two sessions on Food Education and Food Waste. Join us for part 2, Food Waste on 27 November!

What to bring with you:
Something that jolts your memory or attention...
- food spaces
- food smells
- food stories

Questions and activities:

How do we decide what to eat?

How do we learn how/what to cook?

How do we learn what tools to use?

How do we share food?

How do we use our food space? Map and draw your kitchen; map and draw your eating space/the home spaces you use

How do we use public food spaces? Map and draw your ideal hawker space

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Sun Nov 13, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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Nóng, 33 Hyderabad Road
Pay it forward (Gift someone else!) SOLD OUT $5.00
$5, Pay at the door (1 drink+materials) FULL
Your choice-contribute what it's worth, at the event FULL
Venue Address
33 Hyderabad Road Singapore
To get in, you'll need to go past the visitor's centre, go straight towards the landscaped area with water, and then turn left to go down the steps towards the retail space.
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